Tuesday, March 29, 2022



By Leila Koepp, Ph.D.


I was attending a meeting of the faculty when I was inspired to write this poem. I penned it in two minutes and did not care whether it rhymed or not. It speaks of how I feel. People ask me as to why I am sad. I answer “Don’t you know it is spring?”


Spring is coming soon after the long winter gloom.

Trees are budding and flowers are blooming.

My heart is aching as everything reminds me of life,

Yet my son is not here to enjoy the beauty of it.

How can I go on and have a merry heart?

When death surrounds me instead of life and that smarts.

Tears continue to water the flowers as I till his garden.

My heart skips a beat each time I realize

My son was cut off in the spring of his life.