Friday, July 14, 2017

Love means stay

Almost three years later since the loss, I was playing on the bed with my grandson Robbie, singing, jumping and laughing. We played for almost an hour when suddenly my husband Stephen came to the room and told me that it is time to go home. Immediately Robbie’s face became serious and somewhat sad. He quickly blurted out these words:  “Why Teta, I love you”.  (Teta is what Robbie calls me. It is equivalent to grandma). In other words, Robbie was saying to me: How could you leave me? Don’t you know that I love you? Immediately I realized that a little child knows what love is all about. Love means stay. Love means together. Love knows no separation. Love is eternal. Real love is forever. My love could not accept David leaving me so suddenly, as Robbie did not want me to leave him so suddenly.

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