Friday, April 10, 2020

My first Robin

This year we had a very mild winter in the Northeast. Ten days ago when the sun was shining and snow bells were blooming, I looked out of the window and I saw my first robin on the grass. All of a sudden a flock of robins arrived to join him.  I was overwhelmed with sorrow and began to cry as robins indicate the soon arrival of spring. 

As the seasons change they always bring sorrow to my soul especially spring and fall. There is something extra special about springtime as everything is full of life. The flowers bloom, the trees bud, the sun shines, the days are longer and everything seems to be alive.  I am reminded that my son is not here to enjoy this wonder of nature and its beauty. As I hear the birds sing with all their heart, I wish that I was as happy as they are.

David enjoyed beautiful days. He would say “It is a kicking day”.  I too enjoy all the beauty of nature, the flowers, the birds, the music, the sunset, and the stars to name a few. Now I seem blind and deaf to their effects at times. My soul is tormented and my heart is heavy. I continue searching for peace and calm. I keep getting the same answers that without suffering, we are robbed of the essence of life. Suffering is supposed to bring the best in us. It is supposed to cleanse our soul and let the beauty shine within and without. We are supposed to reach the point when we can sing and have joy despite the pain and the suffering. I am looking forward to reaching this point, but it seems so far away and even unreachable.

Losing my son was really the first real sorrow that I had and it is so hard to bear it. I feel insane at times as grief takes hold of me. All the light of joy of life seemed to have gone from me. I have sobbed in secret and I know that my life has been altered forever. The beauty of springtime awakens many feelings within me, feelings of joy and sorrow intertwined forever.

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