Wednesday, October 9, 2013

As Time Rolls By...

As time rolls by my yearning soul is devastated by longing for a voice, a touch, a smile, a whisper from my precious son. I am just tired of this life that lost a lot of its meaning. I can’t believe as to how altered I have become. I am beyond consolation. I am beyond repair. I am crying out for help, but no one is listening. People think that I am getting better, but I feel that I am getting worse. The spark is gone from my eyes, my face and my heart. To have to endure this torture on a daily basis has sapped my energy. My beloved son is gone and my tears have been shed and my soul is dead and I dread going on any longer. How unfair it all is. I do not care if people tell me that this is life. I do not care if others have died and that should console me. It does not. I am tired of keeping busy just to keep busy in order not to go crazy. Nothing seems to satisfy. I envy those who do not have this burden. I wish that I could go back to what was. I wish that I could recover from this pain and sorrow. I wish that there is some magic trick that could restore me back to what I used to be like. I wish that there is some hope of a better life here on earth. The hope that I have is futuristic and will be realized when I too shall leave this world and be reunited with my son.

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