Sunday, November 17, 2013

Can I be Thankful?

A friend of mine who lost her son wrote the following e-mail: “My sister said to me today we need to thank God for everything. I said I thank God for many things in my life but NO I will never thank Him for taking my son while I am still alive and never will. I am also certain that GOD understands how I feel and maybe HE is crying with me too. However, I must wait to see HIM face to face to understand His wisdom for taking our boys and let us carry the heaviest cross ever. YES, it is the heaviest cross for a parent.”

I too have been struggling with the same thought. How can I turn the gushing tears, the heavy sighs into gratitude? How can I bear my daily burden with no relief in sight and give thanks? How can I be stripped of my child and feel all alone and give thanks? How can I give thanks when my soul is oppressed, and my heart is heavy? How can I reconcile the love of God with the loss of my son and be thankful?

If you have nothing to be thankful for this year, rejoice for the life within you that is a gift from God. 


  1. Somewhere I once read, God only gives us what we can handle. If that be true, I can only wish he consulted with me first so I could have rejected his plan.

    Only those of us who have walked the walk will ever understand the pain our club members must endure until the day we are once again reunited with our children who have gone on to greener pastures far too early in our lives.

  2. That statement about God only gives us what we can handle was made by people and not God. I do not like that statement.Yes it is true that the pain can only be felt by those who lost a child. It is unbearable and there are no words that can describe it even though sometimes I try to do so.