Friday, November 8, 2013

Questions About Why People Die

I kept a diary after I lost my son. I wrote this on March 12, 2004.

 Yesterday terrorists bombed Madrid and killed close to 200 people and wounded over a thousand. Questions popped into my head. Why did these people die and not others. Is it because they were ungodly and disobeyed God and God judged them? Is it because they had a set time on this earth and their time was up? Or is it because the world is so evil and things happen randomly? I then thought about Job’s children that died. Were they evil? God allowed this to happen in order to test Job’s faith. Was there another reason why they died other than testing his faith? I am more inclined to believe that from the day one is born his or her days are numbered. In God’s view time is not important as God is eternal. It does not matter how long one lives. A life can be more meaningful sometimes even though it is brief when compared to a long life that has no meaning.

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