Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day

The greatest commission on earth is to be a mother. The magic of motherhood is a wonderful role that we play in life. There are certain expectations from motherhood. A mother protects and guards her children. She nourishes them and cares for them even when they become older and self sufficient. A mother knows and feels when her child needs her.  It is as if a mother has a 6th sense. As if there are vibes and extrasensory perception that only a mother feels. Does a mother quit being a mother when she loses her child?
As a mother I feel such loss and devastation on Mother’s Day.  I cannot conceive of my son being gone, no matter how many times I rehearse this fact. How do I do it? I think of all that we did together. I think of all the love. I draw on memories of my beloved son who has touched my life with his words, his deeds and the beauty of his character which sustain me through the day.

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