Tuesday, May 5, 2015

They Said

My brother, Dr. Salim Haddad, wrote this poem after he lost his dear wife. Much of what he wrote I can relate to regarding the loss of my son David.

They said, time heals, you will forget
That distant moment when you met
And walked upon the heavenly road
Without fear, without regret.

For she was like the morning dew:
Lingered a while and then withdrew
And she was like a long tale told
Till the dark fog hid her from view.

Then others said, the hurt will go,
As for when, you alone will know
Within a few seasons that pass
When farmers plough and reap and sow.

Yet others said, life must go on;
Journeys proceed when one is gone
Or dropped out from the long march home:
The fate of all when all is done.

Some said, she went to a safe place,
Much better than we all must face,
More happy than when here on earth,
With no pain or fear to embrace.

Others said, she went to her Lord,
The sure promise of His true word
That He will take His own to Him
In whatever method or mode.

But I still hurt and remember
Her last breath breathed that September,
The splendid days I was with her:
Light of my life, glowing ember.

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