Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Death Is Swallowed Up In Victory

This poem was written by my brother Dr. Salim K. Haddad
Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil
A short period, soon after the birth of time
The first man stood upon the earth sublime
The pinnacle of all created life
With a free will to choose to fall or climb.
The tempter came in a serpent’s guise
With a vain promise of a precious prize,
The prize of knowledge of all good and ill
Whereby man would become knowing and wise.
The hissing serpent drew closer to Eve,
Armed with evil lies to make her believe
That they could become as wise as their God:
Such was his subtle method to deceive.
He slandered God and said that He was mean
And that his command was truly obscene,
His threats were empty and would never stand
When wisdom was waiting for them to glean.
He said, it is not true that you will die
As Death waited tensely for her reply
And when he saw that she ate of the fruit
He was excited she fell to a lie.
Now Death would not ever forget that day
When his vaunted desire would have its sway
Upon mankind and every type of life
For now he would butcher, destroy and slay.
Death entered the world through the gate of sin,
All creatures were affected and hemmed in,
It was God’s judgment upon faithless man
Where no one could ever escape or win.
And thus Death reigned supreme with utmost glee
While billions of men attempted to flee
From its horrid hand, asking agent Fear
If respite be had, but Fear heard no plea.
Death in turn feared when Elijah restored
Life to the widow’s son whom she adored
Until he flexed his muscles and attacked
The life restored: it was life he abhorred.
The young maid and the widow’s son at Nain
And Lazarus all came to life again
When Jesus spoke a word and said, arise,
Come forth, but they died when their health did wane.
When Jesus surrendered to death a while
Death jumped for joy for his malice and guile,
But he and Satan trembled with great fear
When Jesus rose and they fell down servile.
The Lord was the first to rise from the dead
And to die no more, the saints’ living head
And when He comes again, they too will rise
From death’s corruption to true life instead.
Death has his sport and will punch all his blows
Until the time arrives when no one knows
When he, with Hell and Satan, will be cast
Into the lake of fire of utmost woes.

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