Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quote from an E-mail

The article that the person is referring to is in the book Topics in Grief

The story that touched my heart and made me cry and I understand how my daughter feels because of this story, its my daughter and so many others like her who have lost a child. it was titled . 'HOW DO YOU DO IT?

The individual who sent me the e-mail wrote the paragraph below.
Thank you for your articles which continue to be a source of comfort and encouragement for so many.  Obviously it's a very needed topic to address--how we can embrace our emotions as neither good nor bad, but for what they are--an authentic emotional reaction to a terrible loss--without denying our faith or letting others deny our faith.  This last grandma who wrote today had been trying to get her daughter to email someone, or write someone--but I think now she understands more how her daughter feels (her 10 year old son suddenly fell ill and died within a couple days, they don't know a cause) and can be a better support to her without trying to find a "quick fix."

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