Monday, September 9, 2013

Comment About An Article on Grief

This comment was sent by a woman who also lost her son and who read one of my articles that was published in Broken Hearts Living Hope. This article is in the book "Topics in Grief".

I just read the December issue and had to write a huge thank you to Leila Koepp for really expressing how I think a lot of us really feel.  I feel like copying "How are you feeling today?" and handing it out to everyone I know. I think the gut wrenching truth of it was beautiful because of its pure honesty.  Some thing I would like to add and that I have been getting a lot of lately is people saying "(name of her son) would want you to be happy" (because we all need a little more guilt) is that my (name of son), the (name of son) I raised, and loved more than anything would lovingly and compassionately understand!

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