Wednesday, September 25, 2013

E-mail Regarding Topics in Grief

I am reading your book. I read a little bit before bed, hoping that the memories will give me dreams of (name of her son).  When he died, I bought and read every book I could find on parents losing their child.  Some helped a little, some didn't.  I was looking for your book, but alas, it hadn't been published yet! Please know I will get your book for any unfortunate friend or family member who loses a child. (I hope I don't have to purchase another one :( because I wouldn't want our pain on any one). But as I have told you before, you write what I feel.   Reading through it, brings back the memories and pain of those early days.  I love the dream you had of David, telling you he was present but hidden.  I too had (name of her son) come to me in a dream, right before I woke up.  He told me, Mom, I'm happy.  I remember touching his face, feeling stubble.  I believe God gives these experiences to moms whose hearts are broken, helping us on our grief journey. We hold onto them, until we get to hold our kids again.  I was especially happy, last night to see the pictures of you and David in the back of the book. He is a beautiful boy, just as my (name of her son) was and I can't wait to meet him some day.  I will write more as I go through it. love, (name of mother).

PS, last night I was struck by the commonality of the comments you received, as I did.  After 6 months, someone told me I needed to get over it!! The most pain, though was caused by my sister telling me how much she missed her son (who was away at college) I cried for hours.

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