Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grief Poem

This poem was written by Dr. Salim K. Haddad, a neurosurgeon residing in Wales.

There is grief in the morning
At the cooing of the dove,
There is grief in the evening
That snatches away some love.

Some sing of the sweet sorrow,
But sorrow should not be sweet;
Bright days may come tomorrow,
Will they rock us off our feet?

Sad days are part of this life,
At times they seem not to fade,
Death's dark face became unfurled
When sin became man's dear maid.

We feel pain, but must go on,
Our life cannot remain still,
We weep and cry, joy is gone,
But water is in the mill.

Some enjoy being too sad,
But can this be truly right?
Life itself should make us glad,
Is full of many things bright.

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